Tabitha Bird grew up in a garden in a bayside suburb of Queensland, Australia, where she hid and told stories to ferns and weeds alike. Story gave her something to hope in that was bigger than she was. Eventually, Tabitha did unexpected things like get older and teach primary school in Hong Kong and the USA. There she read stories to children like their lives depended on it and to this day she is quite sure that lives do depend on stories and stories on lives. When her own children came along she read stories with even more gumption and wild joy and got to thinking that perhaps she had some of her own to tell. The first whispering of story she heard was from the forgotten child in that long-ago garden and she worked hard to heal the things that once kept her hidden.

Together with her family, Tabitha moved to rural Australia where her Chihuahua, husband and three sons are all the reasons she needs to believe in magic and wear wings. Having the last name Bird also helps. Her writing has appeared in various literary magazines.

On a personal note:

 I found writing at a very dark place and it became my way to understand myself and heal.

Stories were a pause. When all of life was a downpour, the gift of story for me was a moment to simply be. A place to sit inside the silence of myself and listen to the breathings of my very being. This became a place to heal and to overcome. My Chihuahua was bought for me during this time. Her name is Lion. Yes. Lion. A big-hearted, brave thing who has no idea she’s only pocket-sized. She has been my loyal writing buddy for the past nine years.

Stories can also be reconnection. The hint or a trail back to who we always were.

My hope is that through my words I might be blessed enough to champion others into wild acts of bravery and self-love.